The Slide-Part 1

The other night Garrett taught me a game that he and Stastny love to play at the park. It’s kind of like hide and seek–I’m discovering that I’m not the best at hiding! The object of the game is to have Stastny wait for us to hide and then come find us. I think the hardest part for me was not trying to find a place, but rather leaving Stastny alone in the dark.

Nevertheless, Garrett assured me that she would be okay and showed me where to hide. Then he whistled for her. I thought I had a really good hiding place until Stastny ran straight for me and found me! She then sniffed out Garrett. Stastny gave Garrett a look like, “This game is too easy for me. Why not challenge me? “ Garrett sensed her look and literally took it to the next level. We are talking about at least 12 feet high!

He had Stastny follow him on the playground, going up the steps, going thorough the tunnels, until they reached the highest point of the playground. It was then that Garrett got a funny look on his face and told me that we should let Stastny go down the slide. I was not to keen on the idea and kept imagining her jumping out and breaking a leg or worse.

Garrett decided otherwise. He wanted Stastny to experience going down a huge slide.

Did I mention that Stastny is our big hairy baby? She is helping us to prepare for children. Garrett did not want our “baby” to be fearful of the slide and decided that the would have her go down backwards to help make it an enjoyable experience for her. I don’t know about using the word enjoyable to describe this experience.

After several minutes of them wrestling, Stastny lost and quickly started coming down the slide, all 80 pounds of her! I could hear her coming down, but could not see her. Garrett yelled, “Can you see her now?“ I said, “No,” but then all of a sudden…the first thing I saw was her butt looking at me. Not a pretty sight! She gave me a look like, “You guys really need a TV or some other form of entertainment at the house. This is pushing it.” Everything happened in a flash. As the slide made its last twirl, it spit poor Stastny out. She was not happy. I don’t think words can suffice to describe what she was thinking.

I think God found humor in this experience because the first thing I could see was her ugly butt. Looking back , I can remember times in my life in which God had me go through an experience similar to Stastny’s in that I could not see what was in front of me, but I could definitely feel like I was moving forward with God being my eyes…

***Stay tuned for part 2… Garrett’s make or break question***


1. How have you used God’s eyes to move forward?

2. What happened when you gave God control?

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