“The Honeymoon is Over”

     For me, my honeymoon was a time to celebrate a newly bonded relationship with my husband, to get away from the pressures of the world, and to enjoy one another to the fullest.  Garrett and I were blessed to experience all that and more.  Our honeymoon was in St. Lucia at a Sandals resort; paradise pales in comparison as we lived like royalty.

     However, when we arrived back home, we felt dethroned.  The morning after arriving home, I smiled and told Garrett we should order room service.  That smile quickly faded when I realized we had left paradise behind.

     Garrett and I entered a strange world called Reality.  Reality differs from Sandals in several ways.  For example, in the land of Reality, people have to make their beds, pick up after themselves, and cook!  Yes, not only that, they must work in order to attain desired things.  Contrast that with Sandals, in which food, fun, relaxation, and adventure are only a request away.

     Well, the good news is that the land of Reality is not as bad as one would initially think.  It took me about 3 months to settle into the notion of being a wife and doing wife things.  For example, I had no idea how to cook and I caught my robe on fire learning how.  Now, I am proud of my culinary skills and enjoy making my husband’s favorite dish, gourmet macaroni and cheese accompanied by barbeque-baked beans.  I am also very grateful to my mother-in-law and her parents for getting me the vacuum of my dreams.  Okay, I have not dreamt about vacuums before, however, this vacuum takes the cake.  I love the little green light that comes on to indicate when the area is clean.

     There are a slew of emotions a newly married couple will experience as they settle into their new roles.  It can be an incredibly exciting time to learn more about one another and grow closer to one another.  My prayer is for you and your spouse to truly embrace the gift God has given you: marriage.


  1. What do you and your spouse do to keep your relationship incredible?
  2. Please share a recipe with all of us that will make our husbands’ tummies smile.
  3. How long did it take you to settle into your role as a wife?

**I posted this a year ago when I started this blog and I hope that it touches you today.**

2 thoughts on ““The Honeymoon is Over”

  1. Gloria,
    I apologize for not responding to you sooner!
    I must of called you instead of writing a comment. Your relationship with your soul mate is very special and Garrett and I are in constant awe of how you two manage to pull everything together beautifully.

    I like your advice on how to keep a relationship fresh and incredible, especially the part about holding one another for a long period of time every day.

    Do you think you could pass your recipe for carne asada tacos to me? I know Garrett will love them.

    God bless you and keep up the AMAZING work!


  2. I honestly must say that reading this blog I was like whoa. I say this because I know exactly where you are coming from. One minute all you have to do is pick up the phone and what you want is there the next minute is back to work, back to life back to working 9 to 5.
    As far as I go my soul mate and I are not “officially/legally” married but consider ourselves to be in our hearts….
    What we do to keep our relationship fresh and incredible is try and make it a point to hug for a long period of time everyday. Kiss as much as we can. Try to go out at least once if not twice a month. Sometimes this can be hard with 2 kids. But most importantly always say I love you to each other.
    I dont really cook but i can really make some yummy carne asada tacos… ill send you the recipe soon 🙂 ( I know your vegeterian)
    As far as how long it took me to settle into my role as a wife. I must say its almost been like second nature to me.
    I became a mom at 18 and being a wife an a mom to me is very very similar 🙂

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