God’s Hand on the Lock

     You have read the story about Stastny coming home and our difficult experience at the pound; however, you have not read the most important reason why Stastny got to go home with us.  When Garrett and I found Stastny at the pound, she was terribly sick with kennel cough, about 25 pounds under weight, and very eager to get out of her prison cell.  In the process of getting Statstny ready to go home with us, one of the keepers told me, “I probably shouldn’t tell you this but because you shared your story of feeling called to be here… I guess it’s important.” She looked down as if looking at me was the last thing she wanted to do.  Then she composed herself and told me that 3 days ago she went to Stastny’s cage to prepare her to be euthanized; however, for some reason the lock was stuck on Stastny’s cage so she took the dog in the cage next to Stastny instead.

     I felt chills run down my arms. My heart sank, not in sadness, but rather in gratitude for God placing His hand on her lock so that we could save her from what could have been her end.  I also am very grateful that I listened to God speak to my heart and He allowed Stastny to come home with us.  Garrett and I had gone to several other pounds, but God was strongly calling us to Stastny at the Carson-L.A pound. I remember the look on my husband’s face when I told him that we needed to go specifically to that pound.  At first, he could not understand why we could not get a dog from the local pound; however, he quickly took to the idea of going to Carson. One of the many things about Garrett that I treasure is his willingness to support me and go on a new adventure. I am grateful to have such a supportive and caring husband.

       As I type this story, I realize now why I waited on posting it.  My eyes are full tears.  I cannot bear the thought of Stastny or any other dog being put down as a result of there not being enough space in the pound.  I remember when I first saw Stastny; she wore a blue scarf around her neck and did everything she could to get anyone’s attention.  She would leave me and rush to the other side of her kennel whenever a new person walked by.  The screen between the inside and outside of her kennel was not raised properly causing Stastny to scrape her back every time she had to go to the other side.  Despite this, she was willing to sacrifice any comfort she had  if it meant going home.

       Garrett and I are incredibly blessed to have taken Miss Stastny home and will never forget God’s calling to us.


  1. Sometimes God may call us at an inconvenient time.  How do you get over being in an inconvenient situation to answer your Father’s call?

     2.    Why is it not okay to put God’s call on hold?

11 thoughts on “God’s Hand on the Lock

  1. We who dedicate our lives to Christ by yielding our spirit, soul, and body as a living loving sacrifice though obedience to The Lord Most High need to take up our cross in service to king in living testimony sharing the gospel truth to all people. Jesus atoned for our horrific sins that would have kept the entire human race from knowing our most loving Divine Heavenly Father, the blood of Jesus through the resurrection through the only God/Man Son of the living God purchased all humans back though the ones whom become both active and qualified during their life time are able to receive ever lasting life into the family. We jesus’ be-shirt or beloved are given the honor, privilege, and responsibility to be Gods’ mouth-piece, hands, feet, and sharing the love of God that pumps though our body since we are the temple of The Holy Spirit! The duty of the faithful elect and chosen people both Jew and gentile to: love God with all your strength, soul, body, and heart ( this is the first part of the duties as part of the family.) and then to love our neighbors as our selves ( this means to share the gospel to all and also live a life in obedience to the word of God.).
    The greatest love a person can share with the human population is the true unadulterated word and truth of the only living God for there is no other.

  2. Dear Jess,
    Thank you! Jewels must have good taste to have the same collar as Stastny. Would you send me a close up picture of her? I like what you said about how God works in mysterious ways. I foolishly look at my life and think, “Lord, how are you going to do this?” He whispers, “Step back and let Me show you.”

  3. Dear L,
    Thank you! I get chills when I think about the image of stepping between train carriages. It is very symbolic of our walk of faith, not easy, yet worth every step! Stastny wanted me to tell you that she was sick and in a lot of pain when she was with her previous owners, if you can call them that. One day, she went for a car ride and was dropped of in front of what could have been the gates of hell for her. She became sicker and lonely. Although, there were more than enough dogs to keep her company; she could not help but feel isolated from them. After a long road of suffering and pain; Stastny found us and God fulfilled His blessed promise to her! Our lives are a lot like Stastny’s. God is glorified when He rescues us.

  4. I do I handle the call to God? Yes Lord send me. Under my own strength I am not able to, through Gods help I can do all things through the power of the holy spirit. We who obey him will succeed in his mission no matter the outcome we are victorious in him, for the victory has already been won on calvary on the cross Jesus says it the best telisty paid in full, it is finished, died and then came back in fullfillement once and for all.

  5. Dear Matthew,
    I love the image of God using His hands to control your life and protect you. At what point did you give 100% of your trust to the Lord? What advice to you have for those who are afraid to take up the cross and put their life in God’s hands?

  6. I find peace, joy, comfort, fulfillment, and safety in the hands of my God, Lord, and Savior. I know that no mater the situation that God is charge for I am in his hands and he controls my life for I have yield and handed all that I am over to him for I am in the service for his privilege, honor, and perpose. I am a saint saved by grace through the blood of Jesus. The purpose of my life is only to worship and serve my God and his kingdom and his people in love. I love the Great I Am what happens to me I will trust Him. Sometimes I unfortantly fall back and lean on my own understanding, and do it my way, unfortantly but true. I like all humans am a sinner like each of us there is only onediffernce that I put all of my trust and elegance life and all. I am feeble and I have clay feet if I try to stand on my own like anyone else, I do not pretend to say a faulsehood. I on the other hand as a child of the king and the good Shepard in his pasture and an ambassador I will stand under his allegiance and his banner and protection through the blood of Jesus Christ.
    I find my peace in God for he can not lie and his word is Gospel Truth and never will his word come back void, I put my life in his hands for He is the breath that I breath and live for this is the only way, truth, and life.
    I can use psalm 23 and I use this is that I will put and life in his hands I bank everything in his authority faith, trust and life. My allegiance belongs to God first for He is my primary perpose the second is to share and Seville and spread the goodnews in love and obedience to our God. We the children of God we are not to set in fear nor be the church of the froEn chosen, we are to stand strong in God, Word in obedience no matter the councences on this earth for we have eternity, death where is your sting. To be absent from our bodies on earth is to be with God for ever. True love for others sharerhe gospel to the four corners of the earth to all people.

  7. Misha,

    That is an amazing story with Stastny. Sometimes I think lilke we’re simply chosen vessels…, made unique and precious by His breath in us, and set apart for His purpose … even for Stastny. I am a firm believer of God and His miracles, yet I never cease to give Him praise when I hear of another one. Halleluyah, to Him be the glory! I can just imagine Stastny being in “dog heaven” when she found someone who wanted her that much, to take her home after waiting for two years.

    Like Stastny, where one chapter ends and another begins for her… I still get sometimes lost when one purpose He has for me ends, and another begins. Its like stepping out into the open between two train carriages. You know that the carriage goes somewhere, but it takes a leap of faith to step past that open space into the next carriage knowing that He has “a hope and a future for you” (Jer 29:11), and will lead you to be where He wants you to be.


  8. Hey girl,

    That’s a touching story! I’m glad she has a very loving & caring home now! =) Jewels has the same collar as Stastny. And they’re both the same colors a beautiful tan!
    We all go through the moments of then God wants us to do something at inconvenient times. But, to God its the perfect time for whatever it is he wants to something. And in the end it teaches us. God works in mysteris ways!

    Take care,
    God Bless,

  9. Bob,
    Garrett and I have been doing an incredible Bible study called Experiencing God. Henry Blackaby drives home the point that our lives are not ours. Like, you mentioned… we are here to serve and unite with the Lord. Garrett and I learned to pray differently. Instead of saying, “God would You please do x through us?, “We say, “Lord, how do You want to do x through us? We are encouraged by how you and Sandy keep God at the center of your marriage and work hard on trying to emulate that same kind of love.

  10. What a beautiful story…. Bruce Wilkinson suggests that we should pray to our Lord to use us to perform his miracles each day. Preparing our hearts mean to turn to God to say “Lord, I am open to serve you today.. may I be alert to discern your nudges to respond to the needs of others around me.” It’s scary, and it’s inconvenient, but we need to be ready to serve those that the Lord places in our path. The miracles have many different looks to them: miracles of financial support, love, forgiveness, service… are only some of the ways that the Lord can use us to enter the lives of those he places in our path. Wilkinson stresses the importance of all the acknowledgement should go to God and not ourselves. The Truth project suggests that “the most pernicious lie in contemporary society is that it is all about me.” That faith based program concludes that it it should be all about us. Trusting in God and being willing to serve him means that we can come much closer to the “us” referred to in the Truth project. Making it about “us” also means placing God at the center of the choices we make each day.

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