Facing Your Problems

“Today I will face my problems, unwrap them and seek to understand their component parts, spread them out before the Lord, thank Him in advance for what He’s going to do, follow orders for what I am to do, and stand by to watch His miracles.”


1. How will you face your problems today?

2. What will you do differently ?

My response:

I will pray and then recite a verse that Garrett and I both really like… PSALM 28:7 “The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in Him, and I am helped.” I need to stop and remember how big God really is.

4 thoughts on “Facing Your Problems

  1. I have come to learn that I actually am not required to face them alone. So, I will deal with my problems with the knowledge that my Dad is always right there with me. From now on I will not feel so overwhelmed and I will alwys carry the knowledge that my Dad can handle anything I bring to Him.

  2. Matthew,
    I love the idea of taking a moment to clean up a mess as opposed to a few hours. I feel like this applies spiritually as well. If we were to say, forgive someone who wronged us at that moment…we would be free to love in Christ. Unfortunately, forgiveness is a very difficult area to “clean” up right away. Thank you for the encouragement!

  3. I am now trying to face each problem starting today 8/7/1020 as it happens if humanly possible by the grace of God and his help. I think if I work on the issues now that it will be more manageable and easier to rectify. For example if I make a mess and leave it there for another moment in time more convenient it takes longer to rectify the task with more toil and trouble. If I do the task at hand it takes only a minute rather than hours. Work on issues now so you do not have to pay a large price down the road emotionally, physically , or moneyterally. As the saying goes do not do tomorrow what can be done today. I have found that I do it now there are fewer loose ends to have to work out and I have more fun time with the Lord being my strength in victory.

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