Destroyed by Fear

I had an arachnophobia moment the other day while taking a shower. First of all, I am TERRIFIED of spiders! I cannot tell you the number of times I have literally jumped out of the shower screaming because a spider dropped down to visit. Yesterday, I was ironically singing, “Thank You for saving me…” when I noticed a spider make its creepy way down my arm. Immediately, I screamed and shook my arm, but I could not see what happened to it. I was not at peace because I kept thinking about other places it could be… particularly on me! It was then that I looked down and saw its mangled, dead body.

I know it is just a spider, but I felt really convicted. Why on earth did I let my fear take this poor spider’s life? God used this spider in my life to demonstrate how we too destroy a life when we are in fear…our own! If, I would have reacted calmly, the spider could have survived. How many  times can you look back in your life and wish you reacted calmly?

Questions: 1. Has fear destroyed parts of your life?

2. If so, what have you done to overcome your fear?

3 thoughts on “Destroyed by Fear

  1. I used to be afraid of everything. My main fear is when I die, will anyone go to my funeral, will I even have one, will anyone even care? This results from being told I wasn’t loved and that I was an accident as a youth. A direct result of this fear is the bad choices I make when choosing my friends.

    There are times when I KNOW I shouldn’t be hanging out with someone but do anyway out of lonliness. That’s another area I need let go and give to God. I know that if I trust Him (and I do) to take care who my companions are He will most definitely select more apropriate ones for me.

    Thank you for bringing up the subject, because it’s something I should be paying closer attention to.

  2. Bob,
    I admire how you responded to diminishing your fears. Garrett’s license plate frame states, “Fight like a man. Get on your knees and pray!” I love this meassage because we so often find ourselves fighting our fears in human ways. God wants us to literally get on our knees and humble ourselves to His calling for us… to accept His grace and forgiveness. We would not be human if we did not fear, but what makes Christians different from non Christians is how they respond to their fear. Thank you for opening your heart to us and for being real. Your message is and will be an inspiration to those who are afraid of tackling their fears.

  3. I have answered the fears of my life in different ways: (1) fear of failure I answered with workaholism, which wasn’t healthy. It was through the help of our church’s messaging, counseling, and the encouragement of my wife that I came to understand that deep core fear of mine; (2) fear of snakes– living in rural Virginia for a time, I had to learn how to identify the differences between dangerous and not-so dangerous snakes… about educating myself and about being smart in the wild; (3) fear of being unpopular… for too much of my life I wanted to be popular. It took years to learn that holding to my convictions, being decisive, and honoring God were much more important imperatives in my actions than the effects of whether people liked me.

    Through prayer and the support of those that genuinely love me I have been able to turn around #1 and #3. #2 is just an approach to a specific side of life; no great truth there except trying to be smart about an area of fear. My least favorite scene in the first Indiana Jones film, of course, was the catacomb with snakes. Apparently during the filming, the director kept calling for more snakes, registering his understanding of a fear common to many of his audience members. It also allowed the audience to see that Indy was human as well…

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