It does not matter how much I pray… I still am attached to an anchor. I can get lost in a worship song- finding myself almost dancing, but the anchor tugs on my tired body, bringing me back to my pain. I can laugh on the phone and feel uplifted by a friend, but the anchor is still attached to me. I can drift off into restful sleep, but I awake in pain from the tugging of the anchor.

     Through this pain, I have realized that I am not alone. God has placed friends in my life who have been battling with pain for years! I not only battle with the pain, but I also am terrified of sharing my pain in fear of rejection.

Ever feel this way?

     You desperately want the pain to go away, but perhaps the fear of rejection could be an even worse pain for you.

     God placed it in my heart to share my pain and struggles with you because this blog was designed with the intention of fellowship. I want to hear about your pain and I promise not to reject you. I want to instill the “hope” God has given me to you. Your pain and my pain may not get better soon, but each day we can thank God for slowly, but surely releasing us from our anchor of pain.

Let’s start now… how can I pray for you?

4 thoughts on “Anchor

  1. Brianna,
    I will continue to pray for you to get the job God desires for you. He has an Amazing plan for you! Remain patient and faithful in Him. Have you considered a job helping adults?

  2. Misha, I finally found the time to read this! I can relate to the post. Even when I am happy I sometimes feel the past coming back to haunt me. We have talked about our pain. We agreed that our pain is all a part of God’s plan. Lawrence can agree with this as he mentioned above.
    Please pray that I will get a job and once again be able to help children. Please continue to pray for my health as I will continue to pray for yours.

    with love ❤

  3. Lawrence,
    You are doing something HUGE for the Kingdom of God… you are glorifying God!
    I am incredibly grateful for your prayers and I can feel the peace they bring. I pray in some way, my testimony of pain can bring people closer to Christ! I will continue to pray for you and your blessed little ones.

  4. For me, please pray that I can do something huge for the kingdom of God. That is one of my biggest desires. Pray for the well-being of my kids too. You are in my prayers everyday, by the way. This may sound off, but your pain is a part of God’s plan. Hang in there.

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