Active or Passive Faith

“Passive faith but praises in the light, When sun doth shine. Active faith will praise in darkest night – Which faith is thine?”


1. Do you have an active or passive faith?

2. How do you know?

My response:
These are hard questions to answer. I have experienced seasons of active faith and seasons in which my faith was passive. When my faith was alive in the Lord, I did NOT become anxious or entertain the enemy’s thoughts. On the other hand, when my faith was passive, I became depressed and I felt lost.

2 thoughts on “Active or Passive Faith

  1. I have become more active in my faith recently. God does not want us to be silent with our faith. He wants us to proclaim His kingdom to all and bring others to Him. A very cool group I’ve been attending lately has been helping me to this.

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