“Faithful Footprints”

“You cannot see faith, but you can see the footprints of the faithful.” We must leave behind “faithful footprints” for others to follow.”

Dr. Dennis Anderson

1.How have you been an example of your faith?

2.What happened as the result of “faithful footprints”

My response:
As most of you know, this past 6 months have been incredibly difficult … physically, emotionally, and spiritually. My example of faith was speaking on the topic of faith to a very special church group. I did not think that I was in a position to speak of faith, seeing as how that was the subject I struggled the most with. God used my speech as a means to heal those who were spiritually broken. Today, I am able to see joy resonating from those people who were once broken. Thank You God!

6 thoughts on ““Faithful Footprints”

  1. Brianna,
    Amen!! Here is a verse that that gives both me and Garrett strength.
    PSALM 28:7 “The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart TRUSTS in him, and I am helped.”

  2. I have had times these past few months where my faith was tested. However, I prayed to God every night that my health would get better. God did heal me. He is amazing. I also have prayed for my friend Renee, my boyfriend’s brother, and also Misha (as you of course know.) God healed my friend Renee and she is getting ready to go back to L.A. and to school. 🙂
    God brought a wonderful woman to Matt and my boyfriend thinks his brother is falling for her. God is healing you and I continue to pray for your healing. 🙂

    God works wonders for us. We just have to trust in Him and He can get us through anything.

  3. I have a friend who recently relapsed into drugs and alcohol. My example of faith to him, was constantly reminding him that God loves him no matter what his mistakes were. As aresult he checked himself into a christian rehab in Santa Ana. He’s currently clean and sober and working on getting back with his son. Praise God for his everlasting patience with us.

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