Accepting God

“As Christians we accept one foundational truth – God – and everything else makes sense. An atheist denies God and has to accept incredible explanations for everything else. It takes more faith to deny God than to believe in Him.”

John MacArthur


1. What has God done in your life to demonstrate His power and love?

2. When did you accept Christ?

2 thoughts on “Accepting God

  1. Lawrence,
    I so happy that you have found joy in your life and that you live by the confidence that God is NOT FINISHED WITH YOU YET! Amen to that.

  2. God has saved my life time and time again. He has blessed me with two beautiful children, and several other things. When I first accepted Him into my life around the age of 8 or 9, I was in pain, but now, even though my life is actually more difficult, I couldn’t be more happy.

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