Reaching Out to Christ

“Faith is not the price that buys God’s blessing, it is the hand that receives His blessing. The price was paid for us by Jesus Christ on the cross.”

Joyce Meyer


1. How have you reached your hand out to receive Christ’s blessings?

2. What happened when you reached out to Jesus?


2 thoughts on “Reaching Out to Christ

  1. Lawrence,
    Isn’t funny how we think we can speed up God’s plan for us by helping Him? I think one of the hardest,yet most important things to do is to rest in Him.

  2. I like to not resist what He leads me to each day. Just yesterday a friend of mine came up and gave me 100$. You can never tell what God has instore for you. The only thing you have to do is NOTHING. Let Him take you where He wants and just be obedient. The last time I reached out to Him (a little over a week ago), He literally saved my life.

    I love my “Dad.”

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