Faith is…

“Faith is the eye by which we look to Jesus. A dim-slighted eye is still an eye. A weeping eye is still an eye. An injured eye is still an eye.” “Faith is the hand by which we lay hold of Jesus. A trembling hand is still a hand. A maimed, deformed hand is still a hand. Faith is the tongue by which we taste how good the Lord is. A feverish tongue is still a tongue. Faith is the foot by which we come to Jesus. A lame, slow hurting foot is still a Foot.”

George Muller

1. How do you look at Jesus?

2. How do you hold Jesus’ hand?

3. How do you come to Jesus?

2 thoughts on “Faith is…

  1. Lawrence,
    I agree! Always seek God in prayer first. Garrett and I pray over everything. Just the other day, we prayed over whether or not to purchase a specific type of dishwasher. There is such a wonderful sense of peace when God is involved in our decisions.

  2. Shouldn’t we all look at Jesus like we look in the mirror? Does it not say in the bible, that we should all be more Christlike? I actually love to take walks where I go off alone and just ask my “big brother” Christ to speak to me. I always seek Him before I make any big decisions. At night and in the morning, I go to Him and ask Him to lead my day. He has yet tolet me down.

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