Closed Door

I gave Stastny the remainder of the peanut butter jar to play with outside while I took my shower. As I was enjoying the shower, I quickly began to worry. Was Stastny okay? Did I close all the gates? What if she got loose and never made her way home…the list went on. In panic mode, I began calling her name, then yelling it. She did not come. I could not understand where she was because she is a very obedient dog and comes on command. I quickly ended my relaxing shower, still calling Stastny. It was not until I noticed that the door was shut that I stopped yelling. I opened the door and there was Stastny wondering what on earth I was yelling at her for.

Fear is one of the greatest tools the enemy possesses and the lesson I learned was to avoid letting the enemy affect the joy and peace God gives me.

1. What has God taught you about His protection over you?

2. How do you bask in God’s joy and peace without being interrupted by the enemy?

4 thoughts on “Closed Door

  1. I’m actually thinking about writing an actual speach about how to step out in faith without fear.

  2. Amen! Lawrence, I can relate to your need to be in solitude with God. Our world can be very loud. Stepping out in faith is not easy, yet it is possible with God!

  3. I have come to see that regardless of what the enemy tries to do to us, or what we do to ourselves, He is always there. Anytime of day or night. If it is not within His plan don’t think for a second that it will become so. Sometimes I have to go off alone and just be in solitude while I just listen. I used to go for walks and just talk with Him. I’ve also learned that He may not come when we call, but He’s always on time.

    His answers to me are always right on as well. There are times when I’m in a situation and need guidance without even knowing it. It’s at those times He usually speaks to me immediately. I am so glad to have God to put my absolute faith never worrying about Him misleading me. That’s why I say “God’ll never leave you alone, He’ll never lead you astray;” “step out in faith let ’em lead you today.”

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