God is Right

“Faith is not the belief that God will do what you want. Faith is the belief that God will do what is right.”

Max Lucado


1. Have you ever questioned God as to whether He made the right decision in your life?

2. How has your faith changed as a result of trusting in God?

9 thoughts on “God is Right

  1. Matthew,
    Doesn’t it leave you in awe when you see how God turns your weakness into strength? Jesus, indeed is our Redeemer and for that we are truly blessed!

  2. Matthew, I could not agree more with you that it is vital to have relationship wit God in thought word and deed. I also got a kick out of your comparison of a ticket with God and a ticket to Disneyland. Thank you for sharing with us!

  3. Belongs to you. Please give you life to God for I hope to see you in heaven. If I really love some one the I will share my faith with others about what Jesus has done for me and for them. We each are going to have present to God what we have done with his Son Jesus in ether in acceptance or rejection, as friend or foe. This can only be decided by you alone hence eternal life in heaven or hell lay in the balance of you choice

  4. Yes my trust has been expanded because of my faith in God, in fact my life has improved for the better. I have been blessed because of my loving life long first love with my Lord and Savior. I have had many hardships through my 48 years of life at time I have thought it was more than I could withstand and at times I was frustrated and asked God why and even asked God not to love me so much for I am in much pain and agony at this present moment and I fell that I can not withstand the pain or pressure. Though I look back as time progresses at that snapshot in time I realized that God made me stronger and that he was true to his word that he would never leave, forsake, and that He would strengthen me. It is wonderful that when I permit God to take the reigns of my life he makes me better for his kingdom, and I discover that I am able to help others as am being healed. I feel we are all broken in one form or another because our sin for we all have done wrong weather we want to admit or not. We all need Jesus for He is the only redeemer, Lord and Savior Holy Son of the Living God, that brings sinful man kind back into a right relationship with him. There is a caveat and that is we individually have to give him that authority. Each person choices for him or her selves to be God’s friend or enemy and that faifgt

  5. Yes I have questioned God many time if he had made the right choice by using me for his perpose, for examine my life along with the choices, sins, and carictor flaws. Then God reminds me that I am perfectly and wonderfully designed and chosen for this time and place for his perpose! Then he says that I am perfectly and wonderfully made also what I have started in you I will Finnish. I will never leave or forsake you. God says ” I use the weak and the helpless. To confound the the strong and the wise, hence God receives the glory. When human kind is at there weakeness He is at his strongest and vicesversess.
    A question can be asked do I really want to know The true and living God, if the answer is yes the get out The Bible and start studying his word and apply it to your life. The bible is the road map to God and your life that will help to live a full and victorious life lead by the creator of all. It is imparitive to yield your life to the Great I Am. For he will change from the inside out. It is vital to have relationship wit God in in thought word and deed. Prayer is talking with God the same way I would talk with another person from your heart in truth, yes he already know all about you, though he wants a two way communication hence the relationtionship grows and blossoms. Then he want you to study his word that can be found in The Holy Bible, which contains 66 books written by 44 authors though it has been inspired by God himself but penned by mankind with their own flair though it is with God’s leading in truth and authority. Gods’ word will not come back void and it will strengthen the true believer but the non believer it will not be understood or comprehended. It is vital to ask God to help you personally to understand him and change you from the inside out and make you knew creation and ask Jesus into your heart through the power of the Holy Spirit and also by being baptized. This is not difficult though it will change your life for ever for the positive and help to change your life for ever. Now it will not elevate all you troubles infect it will stretch you though it will also strengthen you and perpose. I have the joy of being on the path for entreanity an A-Z ticket ride with God but at Disneyland they can offer you only an A-E ticket ride. I want the very best that God offers not a counterfeit.

  6. I have never questioned God however, I have been silly enough to disagree with His judgment calls. I feel that I was extremely ignorant for even questioning His decisions. My faith has gotten more strong as a result of trusting in Him. He has NEVER let me down, and I know HE never will.

    To God I pray: I love you more than I have ever before, because of what you’ve done for me; not only in the past but especially recently. Please make me something you can be proud of.

  7. Jessica,
    I appreciate your honesty and admit that I have definitely questioned what God was doing in my life. God spoke of how our trials and tribulations will make us develop a stronger relationship with Him. I am comforted by the fact that God will never leave us, no matter how bad our lives become.

  8. I think everyone questions God. Even ones who are really strong in faith. I believe its part of being human. We dont always see or understand God’s way of showing us and teaching us, and that is where we lose ‘faith’ in God. But he’s always there to guide us, to love us, to hold us,… ect… And he’s always correct with his ways.
    I think my faith has been stronger in some points of life then others, but it always back to being strong once I’ve over come that ‘hard’ challenge.

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