Living in Faith

“Do we need to define faith to ourselves over and over again? Has not every use of the word by the Lord Himself in the Gospels long ago assured us that it means just personal reliance, personal entrustment? It is the open arms which in their emptiness embrace Christ, the open lips which receive Him as the Bread of the soul, the life the all. As in justification, so in this its glorious sequel, our part is to take the promise as it stands, to take the thing in the envelope of promise and to act upon its holy presence and reality.”

H. C. G. Moule


1. How has your life defined your faith?

2. Are you living in faith?

One thought on “Living in Faith

  1. Faith has defined my life, because it is my life. Without the fact that I know there is a living God who loves me more than I love myself, I would have given up a long time ago. I almost did too the other day. It was my love for Christ, and the holy trinity that basically saved my life.

    I haven’t been living in good faith but I know that God is a God of infinite chances. He loves me enough to have given me another chance. I hope I don’t let Him down this time.

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