Written by Matthew Kennicott


Forgive Invite another to share your journeyPrepare for the healing

Lord you are the great healer the abba father that is true faithful, just, good, holy loving that mere mortal can never grasp for we can never glen completely because our sin for you are holy.

All of mans wisdom is your folly or tip of an iceberg and can not be grasped unless you reveal it.

Dear abba father help me to love you the way that Jesus loves you. Help me to have the mind of Christ so my thoughts will be your thought and Identical to your desires. Write your word on the tablet of my heart and mind in order to tabernacle with you for eternity. Give me the eyes of Christ in order I may see each person identically as you do. Help me to love you with my whole heart, mind and soul. oh heavily father I need your help to direct my path that will be instructed, searched, molded for I yield my will and pledge my elegance only you. I am able to adhere to this task through you benevolent guidance and tot-ledge are able to fulfill so I will be an ambassador and faithful eternally to your mandates.. Give me the ears of Christ so I may hear directly from you and others and the mouth from you heavenly Father so I may only say you word for your honor and glory in love, sincerity, in manor that each person will be able to hear, understand, in their love language so they may be set free from the bondage trapped endless journey of distraction, Jesus alone is the only way that cancel or paid in full can be Also help each individual sinner to lay down each of their sins at the foot of the cross in repentance through the blood of Jesus, our only mediator Lord and Savior. Give me the hands and feet of Jesus so I can serve others the identical honor that you desire and instruct so you alone n receive the honor and glory. Help me to see myself the same way that you see me, for you say that I am perfectly an wonderfully made. Hence I am created as a masterpiece by design therefore help me to gaze from your vantage point, not from mans nor demonic! Help me to always hear your voice Oh Lord, and disregard the static of the unholy or worldly clatter or grumbling.

Heavenly Father help me to put on the full armoire of God

; the helmet of salvation to protect my thoughts and be in a sound mind under your authority. The breastplate of righteousness to protect my vital organs so the blood can flow through my entire body. The belt of truth do hold up my tools for battle and hold the clothing up. The shoes of peace to stand on the solid rock of our faith and to protect our feet to lead us on our mission for the kingdom of God. The word of the spirit which is the word of God to distinguish from right and wrong in other words good and evil. This is the Bible which is inspired by our creator and God. And last but not least the shield of faith that extinguishes the firry darts and arrows of the demonic horrid. Help me to follow the great him and contra onward Christian soldier marching on to war with the cross of Jesus going on before. You say we are more than concords trough Jesus who strengthens us and your Bangor over us is love. Your word oh God reinforces the we our enemy is not with flesh and blood but rather the principality of the evil one and the prince of the air. You also state that we are created in you image Lord, so help me to search within each human being your attributes in Ernest in attempt to draw out the true goodliness which has been deeply encoded in each human true essence which is your most loved endeared creation which is your crown jewel of all that has been lovingly called into existence. You my most precious heavenly Father, protector, comforter, provider, God, friend, and etc…

Heavenly Father help me to become a lighthouse unto you that I may always point unto you in all that I do and that I will be the apple of your eye walking, talking, praising, and exemplifying in my life style like Jesus. I want to be a working lighthouse in which you are the beacon that shines through me. Jesus you are the beacon that brings your beloved royal children whom are lost which all human kind because of willful disobedience and sin. You have paid the price one and for all that we each choose to accept or deny forgiveness for our offenses, this means that the choice belongs to each individual life or destruction. This means that it is in your hands and the fault belongs to you and no one else is to blame. God provides the way into the safe harbor for all of human sea for the total population, though only the people that search for h both in special or natural revelation and yield to surrender to the authority, forgiveness, and devote in entirety to the only true living God of the Bible, Jesus is the only way the truth and the life that leads to the Father in heaven and the hope of glory. All other paths lead to death and gnashing of teeth. Dear Jesus the finisher of my faith I hope that you shine through me and that I will be a sweet aroma to you and to the rest of my brothers and sisters on both sides of the fence, and everyone will see you in me. I want to be so contagious and appealing

In my lifestyle that everyone sees you and will give their life over to you and become part of your kingdom. Let you light shine and the beacon of his truth resonate in you and truly your joy will be full. The bible is the road map to the heart of God that will become a treasure that can never be taken away nor stolen. If some truly loves a person then I encourage that share the good news of the gospel with them and offer the true gift of life which will build the kingdom and the family this is a commandment and also a privilege. You are a gift from God and you are a masterpiece look through the eyes of God and let the rest of the world see Gods anointing shine through you this is the reason we are here.

We are here to love our God with all our hearts, mind, soul, and strength, and the second is to love our neighbor as ourselves this hold true and purpose of Gods word the bible. The creator of all wants a relationship with you! This is an honor and privilege and a free gift that is freely given to you. Please open the present that will open eternity and grant a treasure and relationship that will keep on giving and never stop

 Written by

Matthew Kennicott

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