The Scar

Not a day has gone by when I don’t look at it and cry. I keep asking God why, but have yet to receive an answer. I don’t feel better covering my scar because it is tender and sore. Those 4 inches have now changed my life, limiting me in more ways than I can write. What happened?

Today, as I sit here silently, God did not answer my question. Instead, He told me that I am not the only one with a tender scar and each of us do our best to hide our scars, hoping that no one will notice as we silently endure our pain. Our scars may be physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, or sexual. Some of us have a scar from something that hurt us physically, leaving a visual reminder of that moment. Others of us can’t get past the fact that we didn’t get into our dream college or scored the ideal job. Resentment and anger scar their thinking. Some may be scarred from the emotional torment of losing their loved ones and not having more time with them. Regret and sadness are their scars. Perhaps, some are upset with God for allowing terrible things to repeatedly happen; the cross is no longer a symbol of love, but one of abandonment. Confusion and hurt are their scars. What about the children who fear the dark because that is the time their dads or uncles rob them of their innocence? Fear, guilt, and pain are their scars.

We all have scars, and more importantly, carry the weapons to scar anyone who comes close to us.

Every day, we are given a choice to scar or heal. When we use God’s love as a remedy to help others, we too take part in the healing process. 


1) Which will you choose: to scar someone or to help him/her heal?

2) What types of scars do you bear?

3) How do you hide your scars?

4) Do you try to hide your scars from God?

3 thoughts on “The Scar

  1. Mish,
    As always, thank you for your encouragment. I don’t know when you’ll get this message, but as of 9:30am tomorrow, I’ll be checking into a mental clinic for my P.T.S.D. I was diagnosed with it due to me losing those two precious things. I am very scared about the outcome but I have been having extremely bad “episodes” because of flashbacks.

    Please; keep me in your prayers, as I don’t know what’s going to happen.

  2. Lawrence,
    I am so sorry that you lost the two things you care most about in life. I think, I speak for everyone here when I say that your honesty and compassion for Christ encourage us to also let down our guards.
    Thank you and God bless!

  3. I would much rather heal than scar. I have been to the emergency room several times where I could’ve been dead. I’ve also lost the two things I care most about in life; my kids. I try to walk around acting as though everything is okay, but that is far from the truth. I have even been foolish enough to try and tell God that I’m alright.

    Isn’t it great to have a heavenly father that loves us so much that even through all life’s trials, He loves us anyway (even when we try to hide things from Him).

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