“Faith is believing He, the miracle worker, can turn my stone-cold indifference into a fire of love toward certain “unlovables”.”

Pamela Reeve


1. How have you used your faith to love the “unlovables”?

2. What happened?

5 thoughts on “The”Unlovables”

  1. I couldn’t agree with you both more. My love for those I really don’t even like is one of my weakest points. I think if I just live in love like Christ did I will be a lot better off. It is always an amazing feeling to know that you have shown love to someone not so much can’t, but most likely won’t show you love in return. To me it feels more genuine that way.

  2. Bob,
    I have really been struggling loving my neighbor as myself. The women who hit me and drove off has no idea how much she hurt me both physically and emotionally. To make matters worse, Garrett and I saw her driving near my parents’ house. We were on a way to funeral and could not stop. She was smiling with several friends in her bug. I thought how can I pray for her when there are days that I cannot get up without Garrett’s help. The first step I am working on is eliminating my anger for what she did to me. Next, I will do my best to forgive her as God forgives us each day.

  3. Jesus commands us to love our neighbors as ourselves. He doesn’t allow us to pick and choose which neighbors. When I remember to pray for my “enemies” and opponents, I change my perspective on how to work through challenging situations. Prayer is a powerful tool to change our focus and ask what God is calling us to do and how best to honor Him in our choices when dealing with difficult people. I also need to remember that the other person probably classifies me as a difficult person.

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