Our Response

“Faith is not a feeling. It is not even the feeling that something is going to happen in answer to our prayers . Faith may be easier to exercise when such feelings are present. Nevertheless, feelings of that sort never constitute faith. Faith is a response on our part, the obedient response of our wills to who God is and what He says.”

John White


1. Have you been obedient in following God’s instruction?

2. What is the most difficult part about showing obedience to God?

6 thoughts on “Our Response

  1. Brianna,

    That is exactly what God wants. Even when things “get rough”, He will ALWAYS be there. He just needs us to understand that He’s always in control. Sometimes He has to put us in a position where we are forced to be humble. You will get better; and you are a walking testimony.

  2. It has been difficult for me to be obedient to God lately. I feel helpless with my medical condition because it is taking so long for me to acclimate to my meds. I know that God is always here and tells us that we are not in control. He is in control. It is so hard to feel this loss of control and to be obedient and have faith that times will get better and I will be happy again.

  3. Thank you; the way I see it doesn’t He love me so much more even than that? That should be a minimum of what I do.

  4. I have been getting better at at being obedient to Him. It gets hard sometimes when throws me a haymaker and I just want to “feel happy.” That always leads to trouble. Fortunately for me, God loves screw ups (for lack of a better term) just as much as He loves His most faithful.

    Based on that knowledge alone, I pledge to keep trying and to get better at being more Christlike. I will give my life for His kingdom and never deny His love for EVERYONE.

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