Finding Comfort

“The beautiful thing about this adventure called faith is that we can count on Him never to lead us astray.”

Charles (Chuck) Swindoll

  1.  Are you comforted by the fact that God will never lead you astray?

  2. Do you thank God for His protection over you?

6 thoughts on “Finding Comfort

  1. Lawrence,
    You are right about having to give the control to God. Garrett and I are doing and early morning Bible study called Experiencing God. We are learning how to relinquish control to God which is much easier said than done, but well worth the effort!

  2. “God’ll never leave you alone, He’ll never lead you astray.”
    “Step out in faith, let Him lead you today.” There I go doin’ music again. I forgot to post some music I’ve been working on. I’ll do that next. Anyway, Those words have a lot of meaning to me.

    I’ve got the best Dad there is, and He ain’t from this world, He rules them all. Whenever I’m: afraid, lonely, troubled, tempted or, anything; He’s always there. He can be there for us all. We just have to LET HIM.

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