Accepting a Promise

“With a weak faith and a fearful heart, many a sinner stands before the Lord. It is not the strength of our faith, but the perfection of Christ’s sacrifice that saves! No feebleness of faith, nor dimness of eye, no trembling of hand can change the efficacy of Christ’s blood. The strength of our faith can add nothing to it, nor can the weakness of our faith take anything from Him. Faith (weak or strong) still reads the promise, “the blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanses us from all sin.” If at times my eye is so dim that I cannot read these words, through blinding tears or bewildering trials, faith rests itself on the certain knowledge of the fact that THE PROMISE IS THERE, and the blood of Christ remains in all its power and suitableness upon the altar, unchanged and unaffected.”

Horatius Bonar



1. Have you accepted God’s promise to you?

2. How did your life change ?

2 thoughts on “Accepting a Promise

  1. I can remember how my life was before accepting His promise. What a nightmare, always living in fear, uncertainty, and everything else that comes along with not knowing that as long as I confess Him with my mouth to others and accept in my life as my personal lord and savior; that I’ll be saved and have eternal life. Ever since, it seems that my main issues are am I doing good ENOUGH, and how do I the right thing.

    I no longer have to worry about if another person is bad news or not either, because I always ask for the gift of discernment and wisdom. He rarely ever denies my requests because like a true king, He loves to give His children their hearts desires. I once wrote: “There’s nothin’ that I wanna do, that I am not;”
    “cuz there’s nothin’ that I ask God to do, He cannot.”

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