A Special Visitor

While my mom and I were busy smashing potatoes and cutting mushrooms, a tiny visitor showed up at the door. Her name is Fatso. While this my not be the prettiest name, it does give an accurate description of the overfed, yet very friendly squirrel. My mom told me that she never sees Fatso at night and that this must be a special encounter.

Seeing Fatso reminded me of when my mom and I would eat breakfast every morning together before I got married. It was our special time together and I was worried about who she would eat with when I left the house because my dad is not a sit-down breakfast person.

One day I saw a squirrel make its way on to our porch. I immediately tried to feed it a peanut. She accepted the peanut and came back the next day. Each successive day, she would enter the house a bit more. On one occasion, while eating breakfast with my mom, Fatso hopped up on the table. My mom and I were both shocked and thrilled that our special visitor considered herself at home and we named her Fatso.

After Garrett and I married, Fatso became very accustomed to hopping up on the kitchen table and eating breakfast with my mom. Seeing her tonight made me think of when I first met the little critter. I smiled and thought, lessons learned while cooking do not always have to do with food. God used the squirrel as a simple, yet powerful reminder that He will never leave us.


1. What daily reminders do you have of God?

2. What is the Fatso in your life?

3. Have you had any special encounters in your kitchen?

2 thoughts on “A Special Visitor

  1. Andrew,
    Thank you for sharing such a comforting God story with all of us. I can just picture the smile on your face when God took away your pain! Did God speak to you in the kitchen that night? If so, what did He tell you?

    Thanks again for sharing,

  2. Whenever I wake up and swing my legs over the side of my bed, I sometimes remember pulling off the same feat during my year in rural China. Not that waking or standing up from the bed is anything unusual, unless you were stuck in bed in pain for several days prior. After tearing my right quadriceps muscle only three days earlier, I awoke early that night with a strange compulsion to just get up and walk. No, I didn’t have to use the restroom, nor was I a victim of some sleepwalking syndrome. I just simply felt a need to walk around my little shack of home, fully ignoring the fact that I needed a chair (which I used in-place of a walker because we didn’t have any medical equipment) to walk for the last three days. After walking into my kitchen half-asleep, I suddenly realized that the pain – and the injury – was no longer there! I literally walked around in circles for almost an hour that night, simply marveling at what God had done. You see, it was more than just healing…it allowed me to stay in China on my missionary trip when I would otherwise be sent home because the time-off I needed to heal would have violated my contract. God certainly knows what we need and when we need it!

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