Getting Through the Storm

“Difficulties to a Christian are only miracles that have not yet happened!”



1. How do you define a miracle?

2. Have you thanked God for getting you through a storm?

3. What miracles has God blessed you with?

3 thoughts on “Getting Through the Storm

  1. Thank you Mish,
    I hope everything can be good between my brother and I. I don’t believe that God likes to see families apart. That’s why we need to come together that much more when Satan stirs up his troubles.

  2. Lawrence,
    I love that you take time to praise God for the blessings He brings to you. My husband and I did a Bible study in which we learned that “you should never drop your God while you are winning.” So often we forget to call on God during the good times. Thank you for your kind words about this blog and congrats on reconnecting with your brother. It’s amazing reading how God is working through you!

  3. I think a miracle is when something occurs when we truly need it too. Everytime God does this for me I try to take some time out & thank Him. Alot of people I know think it’s just some sort tradition or ritual I have, but I mean it when I do it. I’ll stop what I’m doing right then and there, to give thanks right when it happens.

    My most recent miracles are this blog and the fact that I just ha dcontact with my brother who I’ve not spoken to for quite some time. This blog is a community to me and helps me grow. My family and have been distant for well over a decade and brother just took the first step.

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