The Best Part of Cooking…

Last night, God presented me with a very unique and truly special cooking lesson. He taught me to look at all that He has blessed me with: a loving and healthy family, an incredible husband, and a wonderful meal.

I arrived late to my parents’ house and my mom surprised me by preparing the majority of the meal. She made quite a feast. We had stir fry with fresh vegetables, brown rice, tofu bathed in Teriyaki sauce, thinly sliced beef (for the boys), and gyozas.

Words will not suffice in terms of describing how truly blessed I feel. Last year, around this time, my father had to undergo an invasive surgery to remove a 10-pound cancerous tumor from his thigh. I remember talking to him on the phone the night before his surgery. The fear and sadness in his voice made my stomach sour. I cried and prayed for what felt like all night long. The surgery was a success and after 6 hours the tumor was removed in its entirety. We were told after the fact that if the slightest puncture occurred, hundreds of cancerous cells would have leaked from the tumor causing the doctors to have to immediately amputate my dad’s leg.

A year later and we are blessed beyond belief! My dad is doing better then ever and is already looking into doing another half-iron man in the near future. As I sat at the dinner table, I realized all the dinners I took for granted. I learned an important lesson from God last night: the people who you prepare the meal for are far more important than the actual meal.


1. What is your favorite childhood dinner story?

2. Is God showing you something that you may have taken for granted?

3. When you pray as family and thank God for the meal, do you also thank God for the people around you?

2 thoughts on “The Best Part of Cooking…

  1. Bill,
    I am sorry that your childhood meal times were difficult, especially with how your father reacted to you. On a positive note, I love how you and your wife are committed to making family dinners a special experience.

  2. Misha, This was cool hearing about your dad’s healing. Thanks for sharing that. To your questions: I don’t have a whole lot of good memories at meal times. As I grew up they grew more and more rushed due to sports and dad’s work schedule. Often meal times were combative. (I was once embarrassed by my father in front of my now wife by being smacked on the elbow with the heavy end of knife because I had my elbows on the table). We tried to make meal times more special for our girls and even try to do so now when they visit.

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