The Badge of Courage

“The badge of courage does not require that we walk through something dangerous. It simply requires that we continue to share God’s love whenever and wherever we are.”

Tom White


1. How do you share God’s love with everyone?

2. Have you ever felt fear in sharing God’s love?

5 thoughts on “The Badge of Courage

  1. I just remember hearing this little voice in my head(which I knew who it was) saying where you not the one who was also picked on even by your own family; show him the love you wish for back then. Every since God has spoken to me in similiar ways.

  2. Lawrence,
    Wow! What an incredible story. How did God speak to you during that time? What helped you remain faithful to His Word?

  3. I TRY to always remain positive and, show love to everyone. I remember being in juvenile hall many moons ago. Everyone thought it was amusing to pit me against another kid in there who just happened to be a satan worshiper. Fear of course entered me when I first spoke to him. Not because of how dark I felt he was, but I didn’t know how to show him kindness in a godly way and have him still accept me.

    After all aren’t we supposed to show love to ALL of God’s children? Anyway, long story short, after ministering to him for about a week or so, he actually accepted Christ in his life. He confided in me that he was always curious but, every night he didn’t pray to the prince of darkness, he’d literally and, physically get attacked by demons. I couldn’t help but remind him that when satan was expelled from Heaven, he took a third of the angels with him (his followers).

    So that meant that for every demon there should be two angels. Not to mention, The Holy Trinity. I suggested that he speak this out loud, during his prayer to our heavenly Father. I told him to also renounce his allegance to the underworld. In less than a week he was all smiles everytime I saw him. After that I never felt fear again when speaking of God’s kingdom; true story.

  4. Brianna,
    What is your biggest fear in sharing God’s love? What scriptures encourage you to share God with those who do not know Him? Keep up the amazing work!

  5. I share God’s love with my friends and family. I also show God’s love by forgiving people and helping those in need. I do feel fear at times in sharing God’s love. I feel that people may judge me. I have to trust in God and realize that people judging me is nothing in comparison to what He does for us everyday.

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