How Will You Live Today?

“As we grow older in life, years somehow seem to shorten and New Year’s Day approaches with an ever increasing tempo. The more mature we get, the more we realize that time is only relative; how we live means more than how long we live. Haply also we do not live by years, but by days. In His wisdom God does not show us all that lies ahead. So we enter a new year to live it day by day. What is past is past. Today we start anew, and what we do today will make our life for tomorrow. Chin up, shoulders straight, eyes agleam, let us salute the New Year, and each day let us follow more faithfully, more courageously, more daringly the lead of our great Captain who bids us follow Him.”

William Thomson Hanzsche


1. Why is that the way we live life means more than how long we live?

2. How will you live today?

2 thoughts on “How Will You Live Today?

  1. Lawrence,
    Thank you so much for encouraging people to read my blog and inspire others by leaving comments. I know God is working through this blog and I am honored to be a facilitator of His work.

  2. I can’t speak for everyone but, I would much rather know I had an impact on at least one person for one day of life, than live 100 years and do nothing. Just another reminder to live for God in everything we do. I encourage everyone reading this entire blog to tell all your friends about it. That one person who reads it that one time just might be touched tremendously. Also, please leave comments if you can.

    It’s kind of like sharimg notes. Where one lacks understanding, he/she can gain it. Where another almost fully understands something, he/she might gain complete understanding.

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