The Meal Must Go On…

Unfortunately, my mother was not able to meet me for our second cooking lesson, so, Stastny and I took it upon ourselves to make something creative for Garrett. On a side note, I much rather prefer having my mom as opposed to Stastny as an overseer. I can’t help but think that Stastny may have ulterior motives.

Can you guess what we made? Let me give you a hint: Prego mushroom sauce, Texas High Bread, gnocchi, and…remember the term creative. Presto! The Misa concoction was born and Garrett and I scarfed down an entire plate filled with potato gnocchi with mushroom sauce, Texas High Bread, edamame beans, and crispy vegetarian chicken!

Believe it or not, dinner was very good. Even though the only vegetable I could find was the edamame beans, they served two important purposes. First, they were a great way to help me from snacking on the frozen Sour Patch Kids I hid from myself; second, they are fun to eat.

On a practical note, there is a huge difference between cooking on my mom’s stove versus cooking on ours. My mom’s stove turns on automatically and doesn’t involve the rather complicated three-step procedure of our stove: (1) hit the stove, (2) reposition the caps, and (3) use a lighter to start it.

God taught me that patience is one of the primary ingredients in cooking. For example, I had to resist the temptation of wanting to microwave the veggie chicken. Instead, I took the time to make it crispy and add a special seasoning. God taught me to slow down and enjoy the process of making something wonderful with Him.

1. Do you dread having to cook “another” meal or do you enjoy the time God gives you with Him in the kitchen?

2. What is the primary spiritual ingredient you use in your cooking?

4 thoughts on “The Meal Must Go On…

  1. Vegetarian chicken tenders… what is this world coming to? Garrett will actually eat seconds of veggie chicken. I would love to hear about your cooking experiences and swap recipes with you. Joyous cooking!

  2. I am inspired by you learning to cook Misha! I think it is wonderful that Stastny was your supervisor! I am trying to learn cooking from my mom. Showing my love to my family through food also makes me happy. I definitely agree with Jules. You’d be proud of me Misha because today for lunch I ate vegetarian chicken tenders. They were actually not half bad!

  3. If I’m not too tired, I enjoy cooking. But I usually enjoy giving my gift of cooking to my friends and family. Knowing that I’m showing my love to them through food makes me happy.

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