“Cure yourself of the condition of bothering about how you look to other people. Be concerned only…with the idea God has of you.”

Miguel de Unamuno


1. Why do we spend more time living up to the expectations of those around us than God?

2. What would our world be like if were only concerned about how we are doing in God’s eyes?

2 thoughts on “Expectations

  1. Lawrence,
    It’s such a shame that we are able to see what needs to be done to live through God, yet, because of our sin, we are in a sense handicapped to truly live through Him.

  2. I guess because we (myself not excluded) spend more listening to the world’s views. This world would be “Heaven on Earth,” plain and simple. It just may take some work but, I’m defintely willing to try. Thanks again for those hard-hitting thoughts of reality and encouragment.

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