Was it Worth the Wait?

“Here I was worrying about my journey, while God was helping me all the way. I made me realize that I am very weak; my courage is only borrowed from Him, but, oh, the peace that flooded my soul… because I know that he never faileth. I would not, if I could, turn back now, because I believe that God is going to reveal Himself in a wonderful way.”

Gladys Aylward


1. How has God revealed Himself to you in a magnificent way?

2. Was it worth the wait?

5 thoughts on “Was it Worth the Wait?

  1. Brianna,
    Daniel is without a doubt a true blessing to you from God. What an amazing gift! I am excited to see how God will work through your lives.

  2. God has revealed Himself to me in a magnificent way many times but one time that sticks out for me the most is in meeting Daniel.
    I waited about seven years from the time many people start dating until I met Daniel. I kept asking God why I didn’t have a boyfriend in high school. He told me I wasn’t ready. I went through a difficult relationship but through the relationship I was able to see what I didn’t want in a man. Daniel is a blessing from God. He is also a devout Christian which assures me that God brought us together. He was definitely worth the wait!!!

  3. I have one for you now but, I only have three minutes left. I will put it up tomorrow.

  4. God has absolutely done so to me. He has shown himself to me in many times lifesaving ways. It is always worth the wait. Just today I recieved an email stating that some of my music has been recovered.

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