Being the Light in the Darkness

“We can walk without fear, full of hope and courage and strength to do His will, waiting for the endless good which He is always giving as fast as He can get us able to take it in.”

George Macdonald


1. What enables you to be the light in the darkness? 

2. Does it take strength to walk with God? 


4 thoughts on “Being the Light in the Darkness

  1. Brianna,
    God has definitely given you the power to be the light for those in the darkness. I admire your courage and ability to love when it was most difficult for you. I think Daniel’s referring to the Foot Prints poem, on of my favorites. It’s funny because Garrett recently reminded me of that poem as well. We have such wise men!

  2. God enables me to be the light in the darkness. I have gone through many difficult times in my short life but God has always given me a reason to move forward and realize life can be happy through faith in Him.
    It takes strength to walk with God because many times we want to be in control of our lives. I find that when I try to be in control this makes me anxious. However, if I pray about my worries God takes the burden and I feel a weight has been lifted. Daniel told me of a proverb or bible verse I am not sure that says: God is always walking alongside us and there are two sets of footprints, but when there is just one set of footprints this is when God is carrying us.

  3. Lawrence,
    I love the image of God being the catcher. He is faithful in giving us the ability to be the light in the darkness. It is up to us to choose how to live. Thank you for lighting our paths with His promise.

  4. I like being able to walk around knowing that no matter what life throws at me, God acts as a catcher. He always reasures me that He’s there for me and will light my way through the darkest of times. While it does take strength to walk with Him in a world that encourages us to walk our own way, always know that whenever you get tired of “having all the answers,” God will give you the right ones.

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