Why Should I Learn How to Cook?

Why should I learn how to cook?  There are plenty of fast food restaurants and places to go to satiate your appetite.

My mom cooks like a gourmet chef. As a young girl, I wanted to be just like her, i.e. please everyone with the delightful aromas coming from my kitchen and be asked for the recipe for my glorious meals.  My quest to become a great cook was very successful in my earlier years.  I was able to prepare pastas, fried chicken, vegetables galore, and special deserts.  Everyone who came to my Fisher-Price kitchen smiled as they pretended to chomp down on a plastic chicken bone.

I truly thought I was a great cook until I lived on my own in college.  There I learned that my plastic chicken bone would not cut it.  Fortunately, the combination of driving home every other weekend and passable dorm food got me through those four years.

I did not lose confidence in cooking until Garrett and I returned from our honeymoon.  It was then that I realized my gourmet Mac and Cheese (from the box) accompanied with barbeque baked beans (from the can) would not suffice.  I tried cooking an array of meals, but when my fleece robe caught on fire and I accidentally burned Garrett with scolding water, I asked my mom, “Why should I learn how to cook?”

Long story short, I licked my wounds and picked up my pride.  My mom told me that cooking is not just something you do, but rather appreciate.  We are blessed to be in a position to cook and not wait in long soup kitchen lines or sleep in pain from starvation.  She told me that she would be willing to cook a new meal with me every Wednesday night.

My plan is to learn how to cook each meal successfully (hopefully) and post my experience about cooking and the lesson God taught us in the kitchen.

I would be grateful if you wanted to share any special recipes with us as well.  I am a vegetarian, but I know my husband will enjoy whatever recommendations you may have.

Thanks and blessed cooking,


3 thoughts on “Why Should I Learn How to Cook?

  1. It’s easier for me to write it on paper but, Of course you can share it. I’ll need to give it to you in person.

  2. Lawrence,
    I would love to see your recipe and share it (if that is okay).
    Tonight, is my first cooking lesson from my mom. I am not wearing loose clothing and hopefully will not be near scolding water. Anything else I should be concerned about… just kidding.

  3. I love cooking and, much like your mom said, it’s not just doing it, it’s appreciation as well. Not only from yourself for knowing you have a job well done but, also from those who after eating your food just won’t settle for another chef. I’m going to pass a recipe of my own to you, actually I just saw you with a student right now. If not email me. You’ll enjoy cooking so much once you start. Have fun.

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