Soaring with Christ

“It takes two wings for an eagle to fly. If an eagle were to try to fly with just one wing he would only spin around in circles on the ground. The same is true with many people who are trying to soar spiritually on their faith, but have not added patience. These just keep going around in circles, getting more and more frustrated and kicking up a lot of dust. Any truth that we teach without this counter balancing truth will lead us to frustration, not fulfillment.”

Rick Joyner


1. Are you soaring with Christ as your wings?

2. How badly do you want to fly?

3. Are you willing to let go of what is holding you back?

3 thoughts on “Soaring with Christ

  1. Often we try to do things without understanding how to correctly go about it. If we would only listen and, wait on God, it would be much more simple.

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