Having Regrets

“God’s patience is infinite. Men, like small kettles, boil quickly with wrath at the least wrong. Not so God. If God were as wrathful, the world would have been a heap of ruins long ago.”

Sadhu Sundar Singh


1. How have you allowed God to work through you?

2. How do men/women and God differ in terms of their ability to remain patient?

3. Have you ever regretted losing your patience?

7 thoughts on “Having Regrets

  1. Brianna,
    I shutter when I hear that word… patience because I have been tested many times in my life, yet I still do not know how to remain patient.

    I pray for everyone here to remember your powerful statement, “He always shows me that having patience leads to growing spiritually and ultimately growing closer to Him.”

    Thank you and God bless!

  2. I am so grateful that God is patient because I know that it is very hard for me to remain patient through difficult times. He always shows me that having patience leads to growing spiritually and ultimately growing closer to Him.

    I agree with all of you when you say that by posting on this site you never know who you are going to help. I am sure that there are many people that may read these posts but do not comment out of fear or any other personal reasons. However, they may be inspired, uplifted, or encouraged by these words that ultimately come from God’s unconditional love.

  3. Don,
    I have to admit that I too am guilty of checking to see if any new comments have popped up since the last hour or so I checked. It is so exciting to feel God working through our blogs. I agree with you that the most important purpose for our blogs should be to glorify God. Thank you for your transparent thoughts.

    I will be praying for your blog to glorify God and will make better effort to check in, now that I am feeling a little bit better. God bless your work!

  4. Thank you Don for your words on comments. It’s funny that you say what you said because, I too feel the exact same way. I just didn’t know how to say it. To me, that shows another beautiful thing God does. When you think you know how to say and, do everything, he shows you that if you yourself, are quiet and, patient inside, he will bring you knowledge. So, like Don, I encourage anyone to comment on this site. You never know who might be helped.

  5. I am ever so grateful that God is as loving and, patient as he is. If He weren’t, I too would be a heap of ruins.

  6. I’m learning that patience is a relative thing. It has to do with our expectation of timing.

    When I post to our blog site, I sometimes check it out hourly to see if any of our readers have added a comment. I’m usually delighted with then do and disappointed when they don’t. Half of our posts have gone without commented. I complain to myself, “Don’t readers understand how emotionally draining it is to pour ones heart out writing these posts?”

    But recently, God taught me a lessen through this. Someone commented on a post that had long gone by with no previous comments. By her tone, it was obvious that what had been written was helpful to the late commenter.

    Wow! I then realized that the reason why our site exists is not to promote our church, or to show off our writing skills, or to display our wisdom or even our spiritual maturity. No, the reason it exists is to bring glory to God alone.

    One has absolutely no idea who reads our posts or how and when God will use them for his intended purposes. For me, this realization was a real encouragement.

    Thank you, Lord, for teaching me this lesson of patience.

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