To Love is to Pray

“If we truly love people, we will desire for them far more than it is within our power to give them, and this will lead us to prayer: Intercession is a way of loving others.”

Richard J. Foster



1. How is prayer a powerful form of love?

2. What happens to our loved ones when we pray?

4 thoughts on “To Love is to Pray

  1. Bob,
    I love the poem you shared with us. George Herbert did an excellent job of illustrating God’s unconditional love for us. I can’t help but wonder why we feel entitled to choose who to love while God is deciding how to love us.

  2. LOVE (III)
    by George Herbert

    Love bade me welcome, yet my soul drew back,
    Guilty of dust and sin.
    But quick-ey’d Love, observing me grow slack
    From my first entrance in,
    Drew nearer to me, sweetly questioning
    If I lack’d anything.

    “A guest,” I answer’d, “worthy to be here”;
    Love said, “You shall be he.”
    “I, the unkind, the ungrateful? ah my dear,
    I cannot look on thee.”
    Love took my hand and smiling did reply,
    “Who made the eyes but I?”

    “Truth, Lord, but I have marr’d them; let my shame
    Go where it doth deserve.”
    “And know you not,” says Love, “who bore the blame?”
    “My dear, then I will serve.”
    “You must sit down,” says Love, “and taste my meat.”
    So I did sit and eat.

    Praying to God is an acknowledgement of his love for us, that he cares about us, that he died for our sins, that he welcomes us to his table and into his arms. That knowledge should lead us to loving our neighbors as ourselves and using compassionate love as the choice we make each day when we interact with our loved ones and even strangers.

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