Fiery Love

“Love is the only fire that is hot enough to melt the iron obstinacy of a creatures’s will.”

Alexander MacLaren

  1. How has God’s love melted some of your sin?

  2. Why is God’s love so much more powerful than all of our love combined?

4 thoughts on “Fiery Love

  1. There is such power for praying for someone who “least” deserves it. I feel free from the enemy’s grip when I pray

  2. Demonstrating love to those who seemingly “deserve it least” starts with praying for them. If I have a prayerful attitude towards them, and if I choose not to judgmental or feel “wronged”, then I am on my way to treating people in the way God calls us to be.

  3. Bob,
    Here’s what troubles me the most. I am able to commit myself to loving God with all my heart and soul, yet I am not able to love His children in the same way. I struggle with the sin of judgment in terms of choosing to not love the “bad guys”. Recently, a friend of mine told me that I am not loving God when I choose to not love one of His children.

    What steps do you take to demonstrate love to those who need it the most, yet have hurt you or a family member badly?

  4. When Jesus describes the commandments as reducible to loving God and loving your neighbors as yourself, he instructs us to make love a central force in our lives. He modeled that love in his walk on earth, and loving God should be our highest calling. God could have made it far simpler by programming our DNA to love him, but forced love isn’t love at all. Instead, He gave us the freedom of choice, at the risk of breaking His heart. Choosing to love God and love your neighbor is a volitional act and a life-transforming choice. Bruce Wilkinson in You Were Born for This suggests that our willingness to serve God will bring us into closer love for our neighbors and Him.

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