God’s Healing

“There are so many different ways of being healed. The best way, and by far the commonest, is to be loved. To be loved by God, and to know it and live it, is to be healed indeed. The Good News first of all is that you and I are accepted and loved by God. From all eternity you and I have been in the mind of God. God’s love for us is utterly reliable and has no conditions whatsoever.”

Cyril Brooks


  1. Why is love the best healing power?
  2. What pain would you have to endure without love?

2 thoughts on “God’s Healing

  1. Beautiful! Please share more of what God has taught you. Your words are powerful yet gentle to our souls.

    God bless,

  2. God’s love is redemption. In it we find forgiveness and a healing that transcends all understanding. It empowers us, and ignites in us the burning desire to serve Him and to show that same merciful love to others in need.

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