Lifting My Hand

      The Lord spoke to my heart this weekend and definitely brought upon some healing! I was blessed to attend a women’s retreat focused on compassion. Yorba Linda Friends Church did a magnificent job of putting the entire event together.
      One of the most powerful moments in the conference for me was when I mustered up the courage to lift my hand to the Lord while worshiping. I have always been hesitant and worried about what people would think of me, but this time, God asked me to lift my hand to Him. When I did, I could feel His hand touching mine, similar to a child holding on to a parent’s hand.
      I look forward to sharing with you all of the things I learned, but, I need to get over this cold first.
     It’s amazing what God will do in our hearts, minds, and souls if we reach out to Him. I encourage all of you to share your moment of reaching out to God. We are all truly blessed to learn and be encouraged by one another.

God bless you,



4 thoughts on “Lifting My Hand

  1. Dan,
    I apologize for the late response. My husband and I were celebrating our first year anniversary in Costa Rica.
    I had an opportunity to look at you blog and am VERY impressed with what God is doing through you. I agree with your statement, “We live in a broken, messed up world, and that impacts every part of our lives – even our sense of guilt.” I also believe that God is the glue that can help repair our hearts and lives if we let Him.

    God bless and please continue to inspire us,

  2. It’s never an easy thing to go against the familiar and fear of being judged, but God calls us to serve him with a whole heart – no matter what our tradition or our neighbors say. Congratulations on your obedience. Blessings will continue.

  3. Greg,
    Thank you for taking the time to view my blog. I had the treat of reading some of your entries and am very impressed by your obedience to the Lord. What made you feel peace about selling your company?

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