“My Lord and My God”-By M80

     It was not until today that I began to finally perk up a little bit after a miserable week.  I found myself in a conversation with some very nice gentlemen at the library who have hearts for God.  I conveyed to them my frustration of trying to share God’s love with others and the hurtful feeling of being rejected.  One of the guys told me to keep at it and don’t give up.  He said that he writes everything down into song for the Lord and he handed me a copy of his music lyrics.  I was deeply touched by his lyrics and he gave me permission to share them with all of you.

 “My Lord & My God” (Part 1)- By M80

-I don’t play around brutha, I speak with passion,

*Cuz that’s the way God made me, keep on laughin!

– It’s unconditional love, He surrounds me with.

*Now my attitude is gratitude, get down to this.

 -I survived many things, He keeps me goin!

 *So I’m a keep on, keep on, and keep flowin

-I know as long as I keep the faith strong,

*He’ll give me what it takes to fight doin wrong

 -He helps me to translate my mind into words. 

*Now thoughts are airborne, like flight into birds

-There’s nothing that I wanna do, that I am not.

*Cuz there’s nothing that I ask God to do He cannot

-You gotta keep the faith and follow His laws

*Do whatever He says, it’s all for His cause.

 -And it’s a fact, that He will never forsake you

 *He’ll sit there and wail too, as long as it takes you.


-Once upon a time, push got to shove 

*So God sent down His one and only begotten Son

 -He taught us the right way, and gave His life

*Takin sin to grave, He saved our lives.

4 thoughts on ““My Lord and My God”-By M80

  1. Lawrence,
    I agree that God definitely works in mysterious ways. I am sure that I speak for everyone here, when I say that we cannot wait to hear what God has written through you!

  2. I did pretty good on my test, I’ll know exactly how good or bad, in about a week and a half. I was mad at first that the music was stolen(as I’ve come to learn) but now it doesn’t bother me as much. I began to realize that I was boderline obsessing over it. Not that there’s anything wrong with writing music, especially to God.

    I was just spending almost twenty fours a day doing it. Now that they’re gone I’ve gotten alot accomplished that I was neglecting to do. To me that’s confirmation that God definitely works in mysterious ways. I’ve already started writing again and I will listen to Him this time and, not get so obsessed by it.

    So stay tuned, I’ve got two already.

  3. Lawrence,
    Remember your prayer about getting God’s word out there? Well, your lyrics are in the hands of someone who desperately needs to feel God. I am so sorry that you lost your book and know without a doubt that God will continue to write amazing lyrics for you to share with all of us. Go forward in God.

    On a side note, how did your test go?

    God bless,

  4. Someone grabbed my book of lyrics, had to start over. Please pray for me that my words are led by God.

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