Surrendering to God

The Difference between Saying “Yes” and “I Surrender”

     This December, God taught me the difference between saying “Yes” and “I surrender.”  Webster’s Dictionary defines yes as “a function word to indicate express assent or agreement.”  I would not be able to tell you the number of times I have used “Yes” as a reply, however, I could count on one hand the instances in which I truly surrendered to God’s will.

     In contrast, Webster’s Dictionary defines surrender as “to give up completely or agree to forgo especially in favor of another.”  I originally thought that I had fully surrendered to God in terms of writing and blogging.  Wow, was I wrong in thinking I was doing everything according to His will.  The sad truth is I was not even close to surrendering. I felt like I had too much to lose and I was afraid of being empty and having nothing to offer anyone.  Fear controlled me and I listened to its lies.  God’s voice, once thunderous, was now a mere whisper.

     Fortunately, God showed me through prayer, fasting, and worship that I needed to be empty in order to be filled with His love, promise, and grace.  A friend of mine recommended that I should read 1 Peter.  I was humbled by the reverence Peter had for Jesus and how Peter’s ministry evolved; initially, rough and impulsive, 1 Peter is full of examples of Peter’s transformation: “submit yourselves” (2:13), “love each other deeply” (4:8), “offer hospitality” (4:9), and “humble yourselves”(5:6).   

     Peter’s life story is an incredible reminder of what Jesus said in Matthew 19:26: “With God, all things are possible.”  In fact, Jesus refers to Peter as the rock in Matthew 16:18.

     I originally wrote this blog because I was afraid that without it, my book would not be published.  Initially, I became super excited about sharing my blog with everyone I knew or with whom I wanted to connect.  One day, I was pleased to see that 119 people had viewed my blog!  God quickly and fortunately put me in my place as the number of hits declined dramatically.

     Shortly following my pity party, I was brought back to God’s mission after reading several thoughtful and powerful comments left by all of you.  I was amazed and touched by how transparent my viewers were!  It was then I decided to completely trust in God’s ability to find a publisher. My prayer is that this blog becomes a viral spiritual mirror in which God’s love is infectious.

     Thank you for taking time to allow me to share my heart with you.  Please pray that through God, my writings bless, heal, inspire, and transform the hearts of women and men.

God bless you and thank you,


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