A Sweet Christmas Present

      My husband and I went to my Aunt’s annual, Christmas cookie, decorating party.  There were children of all ages who participated in trying to make the best cookie design for their family members. I got a kick out of hearing about the two-year-old who would lick the frosting knife (that everyone shared) instead of spreading the frosting on the cookie.  Garrett and I enjoyed our time decorating several sugar cookies; I prided myself on my snowman with a wig and Garrett was proud of his realistic looking sugar cookie man with a heart.  At the end of the party we were covered with just as much frosting and sparkles as the cookies; you would have a difficult time determining who the adults were… 

     After cleaning ourselves up and saying our good byes, Garrett put the cookies and the keys in the trunk (an unfortunate event at the time which God used in a way only He can).  I did not scold Garrett because his red cheeks were enough for me.  We called AAA to help us open our car.  The man who came to our rescue us was very kind and funny.  We wanted to give him a tip, however, with Christmas around the corner, we did not have money to give him.  Instead, we thought of a better idea… Christmas cookies!  I ran to his truck and told the man that we didn’t have enough money to leave a tip, but we had just baked and decorated Christmas cookies.  Then I cheerfully handed him the cookies and said, “Merry Christmas. Thank you!” He smiled an even bigger smile and said, “I love cookies! Thank you.”

     When I got back in the car, Garrett and I talked about how those cookies brought the Christmas spirit to the kind man and realized that things that come from the heart have far more value than money.


  1. What gift have you given or will give to someone from your heart?
  2. How will you bring Christmas to someone this year?
  3. What is your idea of a sweet Christmas gift?

3 thoughts on “A Sweet Christmas Present

  1. Bill,
    I could not agree with you more about the importance of recognizing what Christmas is all about. Thank you for sharing.

    God bless and Merry (Mighty) Christmas!

  2. Misah: the whole idea behind Advent Conspiracy (adventconspiracy.org) is the worship fully, Spend less, give More, Love All. Spend less but give more? Real gift giving is relational giving-where you give more of yourself. You did just that in that you gave something personal that you made. That man may never meet you two again but he will NEVER forget the kindness done.

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