Why is it easier to focus on pain rather than opening our hearts to forgiveness?  We give into anger and resentment forgetting that we are to live for God and not for man (Colossians 3:23). Tragedies occur every minute of every day, filling our hearts with resentment and brokenness.  It’s no wonder that people ask God, “Why…?”  There is no easy answer to this question.   

      I decided to focus this month on two simple, yet powerful words: Grace and Forgiveness.  Forgiveness cannot exist without grace.  God extends His grace to us every day in spite of our sin.  He then forgives and blesses us abundantly with His love.  In the same way, we need to replace anger and resentment with grace and forgiveness.  Below is a verse that reminds me of how God desires for me to live.

 Luke 6:37

“Do not judge, and you will not be judged? Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven.” I am in pain and distress; may your salvation, O God, protect me.”


1.    What is grace?

2.    Is it necessary to extend grace to those you forgive?

3.    Who do you need to forgive?

7 thoughts on ““Why?”

  1. Interesting that your questions come in threes.

    1. Grace is my grandmother’s name. True, but I think you were not expecting that answer. Grace is God’s love. Where we may become lost is to lose connection with the grace that makes up our daily lives. I feel it better than I can word it, once again. It is in the song, “Amazing Grace.” It is described in ways I related in a book by Marianne Williamson titled Everyday Grace. God loves us by our being, and this is certainly divine.

    2. I was wondering what is behind this question, trying to go deeper. How much grace do I feel when I feel wronged and decide to make peace with it? More than I used to, not as much as God forgives, and I do not frequently think about those I forgive as in to classify them in a group. My intention is to love people, so to forgive with love feels genuine, and sometimes that love is God helping me to look through those rose tinted glasses, or however that expression goes. The more I evolved I become as a peaceful, loving human being, the more quickly I find myself forgiving. I was once punched by a high school student accidentally as I broke up a fight between students in my role as a teacher. As I was going down to the ground, seeing stars, I remember thinking, he did not mean it, and that was not the brightest move I ever did to walk in front of a 16 year old throwing a punch, even if I did not want the student whom he was aiming to be punched either. That was one of my fastest forgiveness reaction times ever. I forgave him before I hit the ground.

    3. I need to forgive myself. I need to be gentle with myself. Why did I waste time thinking who did me wrong, when I could be living my life as a loving human being? I choose my reactions. I work to choose better now. “To err is human, to forgive is divine.” The true person who forgives in the big picture is God. I can apologize when I perceive I have done wrong, which MAY happen once in a while, or more, that I to something wrong, or I have been misunderstood, but God knows what is in our hearts and minds. I forgive myself and then work to improve, keep showing up, for all of the next times.

  2. Misha, Thank you for stopping by and visiting my blog the other day. I believe that forgiveness is the result of us receiving God’s grace, mercy and forgiveness. We can not forgive or extend grace without God empowering us to do so. It is only as we receive His forgiveness that we will be empowered to forgive. It is only as we recognize His grace in our lives despite our loyalty to Him that we can extend that same grace to others. Like you wrote here, we many times focus on our pain instead of the love and goodness of God and when we do that we cease to walk in the power of God’s grace in our lives. When we focus on God’s amazing grace in our lives and allow ourselves to be moved by His goodness despite our lack towards Him, then we rise up to His actions toward us and extend them toward others. Forgiveness is an extension of God’s grace evident in our lives as we receive His mercy and forgiveness of our wrongdoings.
    Hope you stop by and visit again sometime.

  3. Hello Misha, I was wondering what specifically you had in mind about your blog you wanted me to look at? Just let me know, would be glad to! Thanks for the comments about my blog. As for prayer requests for it, I am praying that I can continue to blog during the course of working on my book. So far so good!



  4. Jason,
    Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts. I am interested in learning how you extend grace to your loved ones when perhaps the enemy may be pulling you in a different direction. Is there a Bible verse that resonates with you?

  5. Helen,
    I am touched by your honesty and often feel the same way in terms of needing to forgive myself. Sometimes, I find it more difficult to forgive myself than to forgive those around me. Have you experienced this as well?

  6. Thank you for visiting my blog.

    As for the questions you pose in this post: Grace is the mercy of God and His coming to our aide during our time of need. Grace is given based on Christ’s merits, and not our own.
    Yes, sometimes it is necessary to forgive people before they are even sorry. When I was teaching, it was necessary to forgive students, teachers, parents, the principal…someone needed to be forgiven daily. Often enough, that someone was me…because I could have handled a situation with a student, parent, teacher, or the principal with more grace.

  7. 1. I think the textbook definition is best. Grace is God’s unmerited favor toward us. We certainly don’t deserve it, yet He gives it to us.

    2. We have been forgiven more than we can possibly comprehend. No one can ever wrong us as much as we wrong God with our sin. Therefore, it is only right that we should extend grace to others.

    3. I constantly need to extend grace to my wife and children. I generally do a fairly good job as a husband and daddy, but there are certainly plenty of times where I need forgiveness and I need to forgive them.

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